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what are Rebel Skaters?

Rebel Skaters are 4444 Hand Drawn characters chilling on the Blockchain. If you see them around you may notice they don't look like your typical neighbourhood skaters, that's because Rebel Skaters are different from all. They have set plans to create their own eco-system using their $katers token that can be used to stake, along side their "Rebel Skaters" brand, which will include a store, tv show, comics, fashion, games, skaterverse, etc. with 10% of all brand profits going back to the Rebel Skaters. This is the unleashed rebellious power that sets them aside from all. By now you should be able to tell Rebel Skaters have a bright future ahead of them as they will be creating the best utility to make sure the unleashed Rebel power shines through, while each Rebel Skater is randomly generated from unique hand drawn trait combinations ranging from common to rare, with one thing always remaining the same - They are Rebels.


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