The Big Road Map

We hope this will grant you a better understanding of our goals and plans moving forward.
The white-paper will also be released soon so keep on the lookout for that.

Rebel Skaters Staking

You will be able to earn a fixed amount of $katers Token daily. The rarity of Rebel Skater won't matter for staking, each Rebel Skater will generate the same number of tokens each day. Our top priority after releasing staking will be to bring as much utility for our token as possible.

$katers Token & Token Staking

Initially the Rebel Skaters token, $katers will be used to pay out staking rewards. Some of the utilities that we will also start to introduce are as follows:


The first VR-ready skaters chill zone. Currently it is just the default skater however we plan to have more variations in the future. We plan to release this default skaterverse to the public inside of a VR game where you will be able to use the Rebel Skater avatar in different worlds. This will be done on a game that supports both VR and PC. We are also planning on adding more traits in VR so you could customize the Rebel Skater to your liking.

Rebel Skaters Brand, Store & Fashion

Rebel Skaters will be releasing exclusive merch to Rebel Skaters. Currently, what we have planned for merch are: hoodies, T-shirts, accessories and most importantly skates! Some of the merch will be purchasable for everyone, but most of it will be only available for Rebel Skaters. We will put great efforts into making the most stylish merch possible using designers involved in the fashion and skate industry!

Rebel Skaters Comics and Show

We will make a visually appealing show using series of skater clips to show all humans around the world what the rebel skaters are about, Rebel Skaters are more than just characters, they’re alive and doing big things. We will release fun little short stories as form of Rebel Skaters comics for our fellow Rebel Skater fans. This will be available in the digital form and easily accessible. Some of the Rebel Skaters that appear in those comics and show series will be chosen by our holders. More info about these will be announced.

More Rebel Skaters

we don’t only plan on one collection of rollerbladers, there will be More Rebel Skaters, such as skateboarders, ice skaters, etc. Every Rebel Skater needs a skate to be a rebel!! you will start to see sneak peeks of More Rebel Skaters and be able to reserve your free mint and WL spot as a Rebel Skaters holder.

Rebel Skaters Game

This will be a fairly simple, but fun little game that you will be able to play with your friends. Its main part will be the social aspect with a few mini games, more to be announced as the time goes on. We will let holders decide on majority of the decisions made for the development of this game. We want to create something fun, something that screams Rebel Skaters

Many aspects of this roadmap are still subject to change and each aspect will receive more detailed information as the date approaches as we do not want to promise something that we are uncertain that we can deliver yet.

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